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Why Work with a Peak Producer?


Tammy Whalen was given the rating of a Peak Producer in 2015. This mean that she is in the top 10% of realtors in the Pikes Peak MLS. Working with her means you can have confidence that you are working with the best!

  • Total active agents in PPAR as of 12/31/15 were 2,981 – 165 more agents than one year before and 254 more than two years before.
  • Total number of transaction sides (buyer is one transaction; seller is another) across entire PPMLS in 2015 equaled 31,087 – an 18% increase over the total from one year before.
  • The top 10% of Agents closed 14,198 transaction sides, or 45.7% of the total. The remaining 90% of Agents closed 16,889 transaction sides, or 54.3% of the total.  Not counting team members, this year’s Peak Producers closed 4,703 transaction sides last year, or 15% of the total!
  • The top 10% of Agents closed 8 times more transactions than the remaining 90%, having averaged 48 transaction sides in 2015 compared to 6 for the other agents. The average number of transaction sides closed for all agents last year in the PPMLS was 10.  Not counting team members, this year’s Peak Producers averaged 47 transaction sides last year!
  • 1,323 agents, or 44% of the agents in the PPMLS, closed 3 deals or less last year. 820 of them, or 28% of the agents, closed 1transaction; while 394 of them, or 13% of the total agents, did not close any transactions.
  • 299 agents qualified for the top 10%, with each one closing a minimum of 27 transactions.

The information used in the above statistics was taken from the PPMLS and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All calculations and interpretations from this data are also deemed reliable but not guaranteed.