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The challenges of selling your Colorado Springs home


The Becky Gloriod Partners understands that when it comes time to place your Colorado Springs home, townhome, or condo on the market, you will have many decisions to make. That’s why we offer a full line of realty tools and resources.

Contact the Becky Gloriod Partners for a complimentary property appraisal. Check out our neighborhood pages for up-to-date statistics on what comparable homes in your neighborhood are selling for.

Selling a home is one of life’s more challenging events, especially if you begin to think about the many wonderful memories that are attached to your current home. Holding on to your memories is important as you focus on each step of the home selling process.

Trust in the high quality realty services offered by the Becky Gloriod Partners. We will help you concentrate on looking forward to the excitement of moving to your new home where many new treasured experiences will take place.

Your exclusive Colorado Springs home-selling resource

To make your transition as smooth as possible, you’ll need the realty services of an expert real estate team. We are different from typical real estate groups in that we will utilize every successful marketing resource available to help you sell your Colorado Springs home quickly for the best price.

Check out these resources.

Free Property Appraisal

In a highly competitive real estate market, pricing your home is critical. This means hiring a skilled property appraiser is absolutely necessary. Request a property appraisal and home evaluation. Your Colorado Springs Neighborhood Sold Report This website is provided for Colorado Springs home sellers to help deliver useful tools and resources so you’ll be a smarter home seller. It makes no difference if you’re selling your first home or your fifth, it’s always a good idea to brush up on the finer points of the real estate transaction process. Why not use the Colorado Springs Neighborhood Sold Report as a tool to familiarize yourself with homes recently sold in your area? Having knowledge of what other homes have sold for is important and this is just the tool to help. Be sure to contact us now to receive this valuable information regarding the sales of other homes in your neighborhood!

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These low cost strategies to make your Colorado Springs home more appealing are sure to have your potential buyers saying WOW! Plus these tips are quick and easy.

[list_item title=”mow the lawn and trim the bushes” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item][list_item title=”replace or shine doorknobs and house numbers” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item][list_item title=”add a bright pot of flowers” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item][list_item title=”buy a new mailbox” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item][list_item title=”clean your gutters” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item]
[list_item title=”edge grass and refresh mulch” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item][list_item title=”place a seasonal wreath on your door” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item][list_item title=”power wash driveway and exterior” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item][list_item title=”upgrade outdoor lighting” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item][list_item title=”buy a new doormat” icon=”moon-checkmark”][/list_item]

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