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About our Mortgage Calculator

Using our Mortgage Calculator to Estimate Mortgage Payments

Use our mortgage calculator to estimate the amount of a fixed-rate mortgage loan. It can estimate payoff schedules on an annual and a monthly amortization level, based on the starting date of the loan. The mortgage loan is secured by property, for example, a house or an apartment. It includes some of the following key components:

Loan Amount

The amount that you will end up borrowing from your bank or your private lender. Usually corresponds to your income and the determined affordability of your loan.

Loan Terms

The length of time you choose to pay off your loan. Depending on the amount of your loan, your down payment, and your income, the loan terms vary from 5-30 years. The shorter the loan, the lower the interest rate.

Interest Rate

Can vary — from ``fixed`` interest rates (FRMs) to “variable” interest rates (ARMs). In the case of the ARMs, the interest rate tends to be fixed for a period of time, then adjusts to market indexes.


A portion of your loan paid upfront. Generally required to be apx. 20% of total property price. If less than 20%, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) should be purchased, and banks require higher interest rates.

Using the Mortgage Calculator to Estimate Other Costs

The total cost of your mortgage includes a number of other extra costs and expenses which arise when you want to purchase a property. You can use our mortgage calculator to adjust taxes, insurance, PMI and other costs to estimate your total monthly payment and mortgage costs. Some of these other costs could be:

Property Taxes

Costs property owner pays to municipal or county government. Annual property tax depends on real estate location. Normally ranges from 0%-4% of property value, but can range as high as 9%-10%.


Private Mortgage Insurance protects the lender if the borrower does not pay off the mortgage within required terms. Price varies, but normally ranges from 0.5%-1.5% of mortgage amount.

Homeowner's Insurance

Designed to protect property owner from damage to property. Includes personal liability coverage. Annual cost varies 0.1%-5% of property value.

Closing Costs

A one-time fee end of the mortgage loan transaction.Covers attorney fees, recording fees, mortgage application fees, and taxes.

Beyond our Mortgage Calculator

The shorter your mortgage loan terms, the less you will pay. There are several ways to pay the least interest possible.

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