422 E Vermijo Ave, #314

Colo Spgs, CO 80903

719 345 2300


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Our Vision

Buy Sell Impact, Inc. will earn its living in a competitive market. We need to do so successfully to meet our obligations to all those with a stake in the enterprise, and to make our agency one to which people are proud to belong.

We need to build on the agency’s undoubted strengths and to apply them in ways that are appropriate to overcome the challenges ahead.

Competitive Ability

We will be competitive in the marketplace. We will compete to raise money for the community, and provide service, service, service.

Clear Objectives

Effective competition demands clarity of purpose. Objectives must be attainable, but require us to stretch our abilities, not work within them.

Committed People

Our team knows what is expected of them and be given every help to meet those expectations. All should be encouraged to make the most of their abilities.

Openness and Trust

The principle of openness should apply inside and outside the agency. Openness and trust are the basis of good working relationships on which the effectiveness of the organization depends.


Our policy will be: First, the best possible service. Nothing is too good for my clients.