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Home Selling Tips to Make Your Colorado Springs Home Irresistible!

Here are some low-cost, high-return upgrades to improve the perceived value of your home:

Eliminate clutter
Pack away half of your things — toys, clothes, furniture, etc. It will make each room look bigger. We know you still have to live in the house, but think about it – if its summer, pack up the winter clothes and ski gear. Kids outgrown the toys in the basement? Now is a great time to donate them.

Pack away the collectibles
We don’t want them broken. You want them safe. So tuck them away before showings start. The same can be said for medicines, jewelry, guns and other weapons.

Clean up
A clean house sells more quickly and for more money than a dirty one. Get your house squeaky clean – especially for the MLS photos. If you do nothing else, do this!

Fix up
The house should appear to be in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Now is the time to finally get to that “honey-do” list. Pay special attention to the kitchen and master bath. This doesn’t have to cost a lot either. We can help recommend those projects that will give you the most bang for the buck!

Brighten things up
Wash all the windows and let in as much natural sunlight as you can. Flick on all the lights for showings, if you are available. This is no time to conserve energy or to close all the curtains.

Something smells
Odors from pets, smoke or cooking can turn off buyers before they get past the front door.

Don’t be home during showings
The buyers want to envision this house as their new home. And you aren’t part of the purchase! We know it is often inconvenient. But it is worth it in the end to sell your home and move on to your next adventure.