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FAQs About Selling Your Home

Where Do I Start?

With a quick tour of your home and an in-depth comparative market analysis. We want to know what is special about your home. We’ll talk some rough numbers, timing and give you a quick update of the local market. And then we’ll go back and compare it to recent sales in your neighborhood get-develop the best pricing strategy we can.

How Long Does It Take?

We will work with you well before you are actually ready to put your property on the market. We can offer tips to help you prep your property to ensure you’ll get top dollar. We’ll also identify typical “days on market” for properties similar to yours. Some are selling very quickly, others not so fast. But rest assured will give you an estimated timeframe based on recent sales in the area.

What If I’m Not in the Area?

Already moved on? We can work with your tenants, your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, or your vacant home. All of our paperwork can be done online. And we can make arrangements so you don’t need to be in town for the closing.

What Happens When I Get an Offer?

We will review it, provide you with an estimated net sheet so you can see how much money will go into your pocket, prepare and necessary disclosures, counter the offer if necessary, and work closely with the buyer’s agent to make sure the transaction closes in a timely manner.

What About the Earnest Money if Things Go Wrong?

Earnest money is funds the buyer will supply with their offer, as a promise of good-faith. But it is their money, designed to be a part of their down payment on the home. In the event the transaction goes poorly and ultimately is cancelled, there are a number of reasons that the Buyer would be entitled to receive their earnest money back. And there are a few reasons why the seller might be able to hold on to the earnest money instead. Work closely with your real estate agent to learn more about earnest money and why it will most likely be returned to the buyer in the event of a cancellation.

When Can We Close?

Once you accept your offer, you can expect the closing to take place within 30-60 days, depending on the buyer’ inspection, appraisal, other due diligence requirements and financing.

What Else Will You Do for Me?

Besides helping you meet your goals of selling your home for top dollar, in the shortest amount of time and with the fewest hassles? We handle the big picture and numerous little details to make it yours:

• If your home is vacant, we’ll check on it regularly and report back to you if the condition changes or it needs any attention.
• Work with the buyer’s agent to make sure the transaction moves forward in a timely and smooth manner.
• Work with the title company on dozens of closing details and the preparation of your final settlement statements
• We’ll be happy to help you find a new home in our area so you can sell one home and buy another simultaneously.
• If you are relocating out of town, we can provide you with a referral to a great agent in the community you are relocating to.

And after closing, we’ll don’t disappear. We want to be your primary source of real estate information and assistance.

When Can We Start?

Right now! Call us today at: 719.345.2300